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The tapes are intractable item found in "Escape the Ayuwoki". They're mainly recorded by The Sacrifice and Dr. Greyson, but are also recorded by Mr. Carlon, Tape Girl, Clumsy King and the lead developer at Deadly Crow Games.

Main Tapes

The Sacrifice's first tape

MJ: All right, after giving it a lot of thinking I've decided to step out of the cult. It's insane... They want to feed the entity with children's fear, and even the very children... I can't stand for this, they are everything I have... Only with them I feel as an equal, as a brother. Not like in the cult where I feel used, they are just telling me promises at a cost that would mean everything to me. I'm done. I will try to record one of the sessions to expose them.

The Sacrifice's second tape

MJ: Oh no... After what Mr. Carlon said, I feel so bad. Now everything makes sense, that's why they reached out to me in the first place. My children... My beloved children... I wouldn't be able to hurt any of you. You are my friends, my little brothers.

Mr. Carlon and Dr. Greyson's tape.

Dr. Carlon: Welcome, welcome, thank you for meeting me under the circumstances given. As you've all been previously informed, we do have the tablet in our possession. Dr. Greyson has studied the tablet and the invocation circle should be soon completed. Our next step is clear, it's time to awaken our friends.

Dr. Greyson: Well it's not as simple as that, taking into account the sacrifices that must be made, there's something else. If I'm correct, one of the inscriptions of the tablet says that the "elder" asks for in return of eternal youth, a young, fresh person, a pure soul... a child.

The crowd of people gasp.

Dr. Greyson: Their fear is more intense. And that's what the entity feeds on.

The Sacrifice and Dr. Greyson's first tape

MJ: As I told you before, I'm really worried. I think I'm stepping down of the cult.

Dr. Greyson: What... don't you get it? No one can get out of this. Once you're in, you're in, and you can't get out... at least, not alive and well.

MJ: That's a risk I will have to face. I'd rather die for the ones I love than killing all of them.

Dr. Greyson: Well, If I can't convince you, at least be careful. I think they already know what you're up to. They may do something about it, so you must act quickly before they manage to get away with the plans. I won't tell anyone what you're trying to do. But please, I beg you, as I friend, give it another thought. Think about everything we are achieving and earning with this, and everything we're losing if you expose us.

The Sacrifice and Dr. Greyson's second tape

MJ: So you're saying without an equal substitution, my eternal youth wouldn't be sustained?

Dr. Greyson: What I'm trying to say is that, sacrifices must be made. But it's not just a single sacrifice, it would have to be a regular event. I know you are not really taking this whole thing seriously, are you? You don't think your eternal youth is worth the lives of others?

MJ: What I'm saying is I'd do whatever it takes... to stay, this way.

Dr. Greyson and Tape Girl's first tape

Dr. Greyson: He did it... He really did it! Who would've guessed this mumbo-jumbo magic tablet was real. Although it appears to be... Behaving... Strangely. Carlon has asked that I study everything I can about this... Tablet. And act as if nothing strange is happening here.

Dr Greyson and Tape Girl's second tape

Dr. Greyson: Mr. Carlon called again today, third time, and it's even before lunch. First I humoured his mad ramblings, at least the science behind it anyway. He speaks of eternal youth, not only beauty on the outside, but a halt to all internal organs decaying. Even dragged the new guy into this thing. But even they know that type of power cannot be found within the stable realms of reality... can it?

Tape Girl: Well, for what I've seen... Our reality, and in fact all of them are shapeless. But there are forces that we don't understand that can shape reality at will.

Dr. Greyson: I see, after all, as a man of knowledge I prefer to stick to what I can see with my very own eyes.

Tape Girl: Oh dear, that's the thing, what you are seeing is what you shouldn't trust the most. We are here to experience exactly what's behind of what we can see as reality.

Dr Greyson and Tape Girl's third tape

Dr. Greyson: The tablet, I think it's having more of an impact on me than anything else. I know this sounds crazy, but I feel as though it's speaking to me. Not directly, but foreign thoughts have entered my mind. Things that I wouldn't have ever come up with myself, and... things I wouldn't ever want to.

Tape Girl and Mr. Carlon's tape

Dr. Carlon: Hello dear, so as I said before, the circle is almost complete. When Dr. Greyson finishes his work, I will let you know of the signs and symbols you should be using.

Tape Girl: Thanks, Mr. Carlon. I can't wait to get my hands on the symbols. Once Greyson sends them, I will immediately put my designers and producers to work in the new content. So we can light up all of those beacons as quickly as possible for the elder to notice.

Mr. Carlon: Exactly. That sounds like a very good idea. We will have what we ant earlier than expected. Hey dear, about our most recent member... I've been getting information about him, he seems a little concerned, worried about our plans. Someone even said he was planning to expose us. What do you think of that?

Tape Girl: Oh... yes, he seemed uncomfortable in our last meeting, so I wouldn't totally trust him... But, why do you ask for my opinion?

Dr. Carlon: Oh dear... You know... Your opinion is really important to me. Do you think you could come by today in the evening?

Tape Girl: But Mr. Carlon... again? I'll see if I can. I'm very busy right now. But yeah, later perhaps we could meet. You know I wouldn't say no for an answer, do you, right? Also, since you asked, I wouldn't trust the new guy. His role is far too important for us to afford him being indecisive and worried. We should think of something, like a plan B.

Mr. Carlon: You're right, we have to think of something. But in the meantime, I will wait for you tonight.

Mr. Carton's and The Sacrifice's tape

MJ: Okay... I have the tape running, let's hide it in my jacket.

(Commotion, and the sound of things smashing)

Mr. Carlon: Get him! So you wanted to expose us? Well, congratulations, you have been promoted to be the first sacrifice. Do you think you could expose us? Our influence is limitless. Now you have to pay the price for being a traitor.

(Random voice: What now boss?)

Mr. Carlon: Bring him downstairs.

(MJ is taken into the room where Mr. Carlon is)

Mr. Carlon: (Gibberish noises)

MJ: Please, stop this non sense, you can't do this- (He screeches slightly)

Mr. Carlon: What's happening? This is weird, this is not supposed to happen this way! It only feeds on the young, but we sacrificed an old man- Oh no, what have I done?

(Beastly sounds ensue, and the Ayuwoki's growl is heard as he transforms.)

Secret Tapes

Clumsy King's tape


Deadly Crow Games' tape