The Ayuwoki is the main antagonist in "Escape the Auywoki".


The Ayuwoki wears a black suit with yellow lines. He has a giant mouth with sharp razor-like teeth. Said mouth is made of either red lip-stick or blood...


He walks/crawls on all fours around the map, looking for where the player is. He can hear every noise that the player makes (assuming he's close enough). He also says "Hee Hee" randomly during the level.


While not much is known about his identity, the tapes in the game reveal that the Ayuwoki is presumably a malevolent entity dubbed an "elder" and requires child sacrifices from a cult that worshipped it and they're obsessed into gain immortality by feeding the creature.

After an old man trying to expose the cult for their sacrifices and questionable acts, he was captured by the man who is in charge of the cult, known as Mr. Carlon, who later is responsible for sacrificing him in his rituals as a form of punishment. However, since the "entity" feeds on young children's fears, and the person that was sacrificed to the entity's ritual was an old man, something went wrong and he presumably became the Ayuwoki.

Additionally, he is the one who kidnapped the player and brought them to a derelict abandoned mansion that he inhabits for some mysterious reason.

Aside from that, we don't really know he really was.


  • He transformed into Something from the fire in this second game.


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