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The Sacrifice is a character in the Ayuwoki series, who is supposed to be the late singer, Michael Jackson. He is a minor character in the series, and only heard on tape recordings in various locations throughout the game. He originally joined the cult to gain eternal life, but eventually wanted out when he heard of their evil deeds. When trying to expose them, he is sacrificed, and presumably killed.


Not much is known about what he looks like, as he is only heard in tapes. Although, because he is supposed to be Michael Jackson, this is what he is presumed to have looked like. It is unknown what year the game takes place.


As heard on the tapes, Jackson joined a cult to obtain eternal youth. Eventually he learned of the cult's dark deeds, by sacrificing children to an entity, and because of his love for children, he wanted out.

When telling his apparent friend, Dr. Greyson, about his plans to expose them, he is warned to not go through with it.

After starting to record a tape, he is captured by Mr. Carlon who then sacrificed him. However, since the he only feeds on young children's fears, and Jackson was an older man, something went wrong and he became the Ayuwoki.